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Truck Accidents

Accidents caused by large Trucks can cause serious damage to other vehicles and serious injuries to passengers of those vehicles. Despite this there are more trucks on the road every year. There are various factors which may lead to accidents with large Trucks. One such cause is that trucking companies may be trying to save money by hiring fewer drivers and having their current drivers work longer hours which means drivers could be exhausted while driving through traffic in their large commercial trucks. Other factors such as congestion and lack of road maintenance can cause hazardous conditions increasing the chance of accidents with these trucks. At Chuck Franklin Law we have the experience necessary to help you get compensated after an accident with large trucks.

What Factors Make Truck Accidents Different?

Truck accidents are more likely to be fatal than any other type of automobile accident. Crashes with trucks also tend to cause more damage to vehicles and more injuries to their passengers. Because Truck Drivers are commercial drivers, the causes of accidents can vary drastically from other accidents. Factors such as driver fatigue, poorly secured loads, overloaded trailers and improper vehicle maintenance are all causes of truck accidents on top of the usual causes of accidents such as driver distraction and unsafe driving.

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident Case?

Because of the fact that most trucks on the road are owned by large companies, they generally have insurance and multiple parties can become involved in a case. The driver of the truck can be held responsible for any negligence on his part, as well as the trucking company and any others involved in the maintenance Large Trucking Companies may have various kinds of insurance which could be used to help compensate you for your injuries. The company involved in your accident often times will not give this information to you and it is very important that you hire an experienced truck accident lawyer who will help get you all of the money that is available to you in such cases. If you do not hire an experienced attorney, this compensation could be out of your reach forever after the Statute of Limitations of 2 years after the accident.

Experienced Arizona Truck Accident Lawyers

Our team of Truck Accident Lawyers have been practicing Personal Injury Law locally in Arizona since 1987. That is a combined total of over 40 years of experience in accident cases. This experience includes a number of cases involving large commercial vehicles. It is important that you choose a Personal Injury attorney who has experience working with cases which involve large commercial vehicles, because these cases can be much more complicated.

Each truck accident is different and requires consideration of different factors for a complete picture of a case. For more information about truck accidents which takes the facts of your accident into consideration, and to speak to an actual attorney, not some professional closer or sales person, call Chuck Franklin Law today

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