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Strong-Arm Robbery in Arizona

The term “strong-arm” in the context of robbery demonstrates an accused person’s threat to use force and/or to use physical force without a weapon. A robbery may involve two or more individuals who hold a victim down while they steal the victim’s belongings. Although the alleged perpetrators may not be using weapons, their acts of restraining a victim and forcing compliance as a means to steal the victim’s belongings is a strong-arm robbery.

Arizona statutes do not differentiate between robbery and strong-arm robbery. However, the law allows for an enhancement of penalties when aggravating factors are involved in an alleged robbery. Under Arizona law, robbery is the act of using force or threatening the use of force during the course of taking or forcing the surrender of a victim’s property. Robbery is a class 4 felony in Arizona, and strong-arm tactics may be considered aggravating factors in terms of sentencing a convicted person to jail.

Penalties Associated with a Strong-Arm Robbery Conviction

Under Arizona law, a Class 4 Felony for a first-time offender results in a maximum of 3 years in jail, but aggravating factors can increase the maximum sentence to 3.75 years in jail. If a person convicted of robbery using strong-arm techniques is a repeat offender, the convicted person faces the following potential jail time:

  • Category 1 Repeat Offender – Potential jail time for a strong-arm robbery conviction is the same for first-time offenders, with a maximum of 3 years and 3.75 years when aggravating factors are present.
  • Category 2 Repeat Offender – Potential jail time for this level of a repeat offender is a maximum of 6 years and 7.5 years when aggravating factors are present.
  • Category 3 Repeat Offender – Potential jail time for this level of a repeat offender is a maximum of 12 years and 15 years when aggravating factors are present.

Because every case is unique, whether an accused person used strong-arm tactics or not is a matter that may be disputed between the prosecution and defense.

Speaking with an Experienced Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

The immediate concern for those accused of a robbery charge that involves alleged strong-arm techniques in the state of Arizona is typically jail time. However, the consequences of a felony are far-reaching. Courts impose fines, probation, and other requirements in addition to jail time. No longer will a convicted felon be able to own a firearm. No longer will a person be able to vote (at least while in jail and possibly after release from jail). Because so many legal rights are on the line, anyone facing felony charges can benefit from the guidance of an Arizona criminal defense attorney.

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