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Having any conviction on your record has consequences, but domestic violence convictions have additional penalties. For example, if you are convicted of even a misdemeanor domestic violence offense, you will lose all rights to possess firearms for life. You may be unable to see your children or be excluded from your house. Depending on the specifics of the charges, you could receive a jail or prison sentence as well if it’s a felony.

I work with my legal team to defend people against domestic violence and related violent dangerous crime charges. I know that a domestic violence conviction can affect the rest of your life. You can trust us to examine the facts of the case and deal with the prosecutor to ensure that you are not overcharged or over-penalized. When necessary, we will take your case to trial to protect your rights.

Don’t Count On The State Dropping The Charges

It is important to understand that the state may proceed with charges even if the accuser/victim decides not to press charges or changes his or her statement. Law enforcement takes domestic abuse cases very seriously. If you have been charged, you need a lawyer to protect your rights immediately.

Domestic violence can include physical and sexual abuse, as well as criminal damage and disorderly conduct. In Arizona, domestic violence can occur between spouses, parents, children, grandparents, stepparents, in-laws, other family members, members of the same household, and people who are in a current or previous romantic relationship or who share children.

Related Offenses

I represent people charged with domestic violence and related offenses such as:

  • Aggravated assault domestic violence
  • Harassment/aggravated harassment
  • Stalking
  • Violation of orders of protection and injunctions prohibiting harassment
  • Criminal damage/disorderly conduct

If an order of protection is taken out against you, you may be ordered to leave your home and stay away from the accuser and his or her children, including your own kids. Violating an order of protection may result in prison time so it is important that you speak with an attorney if you are arrested for a suspected violation.

Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyers

I have been practicing criminal defense law locally in the Phoenix Area since 1987. Fighting domestic violence and other violent crime charges requires an experienced team of criminal defense lawyers. Don’t leave your charges in inexperienced hands, choose the experienced team who have been defending the rights of Arizona’s citizens for over 30 years.

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