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The crime of manslaughter, under ARS Sec 13–1103, when a person causes the death of someone else, but the killing falls short of constitute in the murder. In other words, usually there is no intent to cause death, but normally comes in the form of reckless behavior.

Though it can be when you intentionally or knowingly kill a person in the sudden heat of passion or in a sudden quarrel. This can also include intentionally helping another person to commit suicide. Another way to explain this is that there is not enough time to reflect on your actions, before you do so. Therefore again, in the sudden heat of passion.

In my experience as an attorney, the charge of manslaughter is usually done in the context of an impaired driver, who is reckless in driving while impaired to the slightest degree, and then causes the death of another person. This normally in an automobile accident situation.

Normally, by negating the act of recklessness, and showing you were merely negligent, he would not have committed manslaughter, but negligent homicide. A manslaughter conviction is a class 2 felony.

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