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General Breach of Contract

Did you enter into an agreement with someone, or some business, and they did not uphold their side of the agreement? Did you not receive the benefit of the bargain? If you think you were cheated or spent your money, and did not get what you expected or agreed upon, that may be considered breach of contract, or possibly even fraud.

Not every contract has to be in writing. There may be corroborating evidence of an agreement (possibly the acts of the parties, text messages, etc). It just was not reduced to a writing with specific terms. You may still have a case.

Did you loan money to someone and it was not paid back? Did you place a deposit on construction at your home or business, or possibly a car, and the other party did not follow through? Was the product or work inferior? These are all potential breaches of a contract or an agreement.

A contract for the purchase of real estate in Arizona, must be in writing. If you have any written contract, and there is a breach of that contract by the other party, you may be awarded your attorneys fees by the court, if you are successful in your suit. This is almost always discretionary and the fees must be reasonable.

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