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Automobile Purchase Problems

Arizona has numerous laws to protect the consumer when purchasing a new or used car from an Arizona licensed, automobile dealer. These statutory laws, for the most part, do not cover sales and purchases between private parties. When purchasing a vehicle, whether from a dealer or private party, get a written purchase agreement, signed by the seller and describing exactly what you are buying, including VIN number and the agreed upon purchase price. Ask to look at the seller’s driver’s license. Take a picture of it.

I have had plenty of clients who have purchased a vehicle from a private party, paid cash and got nothing in writing. As it ends up, the vehicles (especially motorcycles) turned up stolen. If you are caught in possession of a stolen vehicle, you will be arrested on the spot and your newly purchased vehicle will be seized by law enforcement. The odds of you ever seeing your new purchase again is almost zero.

Do your homework before purchasing any vehicle.

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