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Why Should I Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is often advisable when a person has been involved in a motorcycle accident. While insurance policies may provide adequate protection for these incidents, they can sometimes miscalculate the damages they will pay out when an individual makes a claim. Due to this and other potential legal issues, a victim of a motorcycle accident may benefit from hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. If you are looking for appropriate compensation through a motorcycle accident lawsuit, consider contacting Chuck Franklin of Chuck Franklin Law directly by calling (480) 545-0700 for a free consultation today. Chuck Franklin is Arizona’s Original Motorcycle Accident Attorney since 1987 and has been riding for over 55 years.

Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are common and, when compared with car accidents, are more likely to result in serious injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 80 percent of motorcycle collisions result in severe injuries or fatalities, as opposed to 20 percent of passenger vehicle collisions. Moreover, according to a report from the Insurance Information Institute (III), 5,014 people died in motorcycle collisions in 2019.

The high numbers of injuries and deaths are primarily due to the lack of protective barriers between the motorcycle driver and the road, other vehicles, and other elements. As motorcycle incidents are often life-altering, it can be crucial for victims to seek legal advice to discover how to maximize their compensation.

When To Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, the victim or the victim’s family may want to start working on a legal case as soon as possible. A motorcycle accident lawyer may be an important person to contact immediately after speaking with the police and seeking medical treatment. An experienced personal injury lawyer can start developing a legal case by contacting the insurance companies and collecting the evidence required for the claim. The sooner a lawyer becomes involved in a case, the more likely he or she will be able to help the victim with claim issues and complex cases.

Claim Issues

Parties that are liable for a motorcycle accident often try to avoid admitting when they are at fault, making it difficult to settle a claim. An insurance company may attempt to offer a victim of a motorcycle accident less compensation than he or she deserves for no other reason than to reduce the for-profit company’s losses. Additionally, insurance companies may delay paying compensation to victims, a tactic that often leads to the victim accepting less money simply to pay overdue medical bills. Hiring an effective motorcycle accident lawyer can help to overcome these issues with the claims process.

Complex Motorcycle Accident Cases

A motorcycle accident victim might be subject to a false claim from the opposing party. In some cases, a crime may have occurred during the incident. Whether the victim must defend against an opposing claim or sort out the accident with the police, a lawyer can help.

Additionally, the accident may have caused life-changing injuries that involve significant medical treatment and expenses. Numerous other complex circumstances may develop due to a motorcycle accident, and a competent motorcycle accident lawyer can assist and help to identify the most appropriate legal approach.

How To Find An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accident victims can find a lawyer in all major cities and may have numerous options, so it can be helpful to know how to decide who to hire. Many lawyers offer free consultations, and it is generally best to find a lawyer who has experience in handling motorcycle accident cases.

When deciding, consider the lawyer’s experience, demeaner, and preferred methods of communication. Due to state laws and the importance of avoiding errors when filing a motorcycle accident case, a victim will want to find the most effective motorcycle accident attorney. The experienced accident lawyer Chuck Franklin of Chuck Franklin Law can help motorcycle accident victims navigate the law surrounding motorcycle collisions in the pursuit of a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Understanding the Process for Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Once a victim selects a lawyer to help with a motorcycle accident lawsuit, he or she can expect the following process:

  • The lawyer will likely advise focusing on recovery, an important step because the victim’s emotional and physical damages are often determined by medical diagnoses and rehabilitation
  • The lawyer will then determine what the court might award the victim and what the at-fault party may be able to pay, which can help the attorney determine whether the case is worth pursuing in court or if settling out of court is more appropriate
  • If the case is against the victim’s own insurance company, the lawyer would work with the victim to collect evidence to present in court, which often involves hiring external professionals, such as medical specialists, to testify
  • The lawyer would also provide the client with comprehensive legal advice that is relevant to all aspects of the case, ensuring that the client knows how to correctly act if the case goes to trial.
  • If the lawyer is unable to help his or her client reach a settlement, the victim’s case would then proceed to court. After presenting the case to a judge and jury, or just to a bench judge, the judge would then provide a verdict.

How Are Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Paid?

Motorcycle accident lawyers are generally only paid once their client receives compensation. This creates a common interest between the lawyer and the client. Despite this, it is advisable to clarify the fees and how the lawyer will receive his or her money for the services before hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. Typically, a lawyer’s fees vary depending on the law firm, and these can also vary according to whether the case was successfully settled before or after the lawyer filed the motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Additionally, it is advisable for the victim to clarify how the lawyer plans to distribute the settlement funds and whether certain verdicts can lead to additional charges before the victim receives his or her settlement. As these cases can often involve significant sums of money, it is essential to hire a trustworthy attorney who will be transparent about their fees and will not exploit the victim throughout this legal process.

Learn How Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Be Beneficial for Your Case

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, seeking advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer can be beneficial and help you understand all of your legal rights. Doing this can help an individual to understand his or her state’s legal system and how to successfully make claims against insurance companies. Consider contacting Chuck Franklin of Chuck Franklin Law if you are planning to file, or have filed, a motorcycle accident lawsuit by calling (480) 545-0700 to visit with Chuck directly today.

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