The Story: The Original Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer

Chuck Franklin is an experienced lawyer who has been practicing law for over three decades. He is well-known in Arizona as the “original motorcycle accident attorney,” having specialized in representing motorcyclists who have been involved in accidents since 1987.

Over the years, Chuck Franklin has helped thousands of clients receive fair compensation for their injuries and damages resulting from accidents. His in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by motorcyclists on the road, as well as his commitment to providing personalized attention and dedicated representation, have earned him a reputation as a skilled and compassionate attorney. Chuck Franklin's track record of success and his unwavering commitment to his clients make him a trusted choice for those in need of legal representation after a motorcycle accident. Motorcycles are his passion.

At Chuck Franklin Law, you work directly with Chuck in building your case and presenting your claim. If a lawsuit is required to be filed to adequately compensate you, then Chuck will file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, in order to maximize your recovery.

A Bit About Chuck and His Passion for Everything Motorcycles

Chuck began riding mini-bikes at age 8. His first mini-bike was nothing more than a Sears type, two-wheeled contraption, with no suspension, a rear scrub brake, and a lawn mower engine.

After surviving a couple of years on that ill-handling and quite honestly, dangerous mini-bike, Chuck got his first job as a morning paperboy for the Chicago Tribune and eventually an afternoon route for the Chicago Sun Times. He was then ready to take the next step and buy a real bike. Honda had come out with the then well-known Honda 50, featuring full suspension, a 3-speed transmission, and a kick start.

From there, at age 10, Chuck began racing minibikes and ultimately ended up on a Honda XR-75 and a Yamaha YZ-80, racing the mini-nationals in Alabama, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, and other places throughout the country.

As a young boy, continuing to get taller and more passionate about racing motocross, Chuck outgrew mini-cycles and started racing Honda’s newly introduced and incredible CR125-Elsinore, the motorcycle that revolutionized the sport of motocross throughout the world.

The 70’s were the peak of motorcycle sales (even to this day) throughout the world, and the sport of motocross continued to grow. Tracks were springing up everywhere and racing location choices were endless if you wanted to race or just ride.

The movie On Any Sunday, with Steve McQueen, epitomized the popularity of off-road motorcycling. Everything just blew up. It was the perfect time to ride a bike.

While in high school, Chuck worked at a Honda/Yamaha dealer in Chicago. Northwest Honda-Yamaha sent him to the American Honda Factory Training facility in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Chuck became certified at age 17 and earned high school credit at the same time.

After graduating from high school, Chuck moved to Arizona and immediately began working at the old Cactus Kawasaki on McDowell Road in Scottsdale. At the same time, Chuck went on to attend Arizona State University and then Whittier College School of Law (after a year of being a Maricopa County Probation Officer) in order to become a lawyer. Ultimately, he found his niche representing injured bikers and riders of everything motorized on two wheels.

Chuck’s passion for racing caused him to join the AMA Monster Energy Supercross Series as a local sponsor. To this day, Chuck Franklin Law is the longest-running local sponsor of the series for 20 years.

Chuck Franklin Law was there at the inaugural first Arizona Bike Week held in Avondale, Arizona over 20 years ago and continued to annually sponsor Arizona Bike Week over 22 times.

Chuck continues his passion for anything involving motorcycles, but had to hang up his helmet at age 55 and stop racing. Chuck continues to ride on the street and attend and sponsor motorcycle events, but the yearning and passion to hop on a dirt bike have never ceased.

For motorcycle accident representation, call someone whose passion and life’s experience are centered on riding.

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