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Felony Theft in Arizona

Under Arizona law, Arizona revised statute 13–20 310, fraudulent scheme is defined as any person who, pursuit of a scammer artifice to defraud, knowingly obtains any benefit by means of frost or fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises, or material missions. Violation of the statute of the class two felony. Putting it in simple terms, you’ve committed a crime if you lie or make false promises to another individual, as part of a plan to defraud that person, in order to reap some kind of benefit.

Different Levels of Felony Theft

Arizona law classifies theft crimes based on the property or service's value. Examples of varying degrees of felony theft crimes include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Theft of property or services valued at $25,000 or more – class 2 felony.
  • Theft of property or services valued at $4,000 or more, but less than $25,000 – class 3 felony.
  • Theft of property or services valued at $3,000 or more, but less than $4,000 – class 4 felony.
  • Theft of property or services valued at $2,000 or more but less than $3,000 – class 6 felony.
  • Theft of property taken from another person, theft of a firearm, or theft of an animal taken for dog-fighting purposes – class 6 felony.

Under Arizona law, theft of property or services valued at less than $1,000 is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Defenses to Felony Theft

Because theft is a very serious crime, it is important for every person facing a theft charge to fully understand their available defenses. For example, if an alleged stolen item was given to an accused person as a gift or the item was borrowed, such facts can be presented in defense of the felony theft charges. Another potential defense to felony theft charges is the violation of constitutional rights, such as a police officer's failure to read Miranda rights to a person arrested on felony theft charges. Each situation will have its own set of facts and circumstances, and visiting with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help ensure that your legal rights remain protected.

Penalties Resulting From a Felony Theft Conviction

The most serious felony theft charge – a class 2 felony, results in a potential jail sentence of 10 years, the maximum. However, if mitigating or aggravating circumstances exist, the jail sentence may be reduced or enhanced accordingly. Additional felony theft convictions result in the following potential jail sentences (which is the maximum for each charge):

  • Class 3 Felony – 7 Years
  • Class 4 Felony – 3 Years
  • Class 5 Felony – 2 Years
  • Class 6 Felony – 1.5 Years

The above-listed penalties apply to first-time felony offenders. Individuals with prior felony convictions may face even harsher jail sentences. Additionally, the loss of some constitutional rights following a felony conviction can be difficult for convicted individuals after serving their jail sentences. Therefore, working with a qualified criminal defense attorney is important to consider following an arrest for any crime.

Penalties for Burglary in Arizona

All burglary offenses are felonies that lead to significant jail time, as identified in the table below for first-time felony offenders:

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